Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's time to get the wheel moving in the right direction!

The cause taken up by Anna Hazare and his intent behind it is for sure noble, though the means may be questionable... The current machinery against corruption is not delivering, we need a better system to hold people accountable and book those guilty. So instead of merely being skeptical about or criticising the existing version of the Jan Lokpal bill, the concerns associated with the bill should be voiced, discussed and addressed and the Bill modified accordingly so that we can come up with a more democratic yet robust solution!

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what is according to you a better system to make these people accountable?
as for me, i think the current or the existing lokpal bill is sound enough to go against corruption, but the question is not, whether it should be passed or not, surely it is going to be passed with its existing model, but after passing it, would it be able to remove the corruption?
because for me, the corruption is not only in government machinery but in the veins of a general public, which will only go when we all take the firm decision of not giving any bribe or finding easiest way of doing work, then only it may be removed. Otherwise whether lokpal bill or any bill you may demand, it will again go corrupt with the existing scenario, and what if lokpal itself go corrupt? then we will all demand another bill to be passed for it ....