Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Childhood Dreams

I have been reading about Randy Pausch and listening to videos of his lecture since the past couple of weeks. I even read the initial pages of his book during my last visit to Crossword. (I am considering buying the book!) Dad just showed me a ppt version of his lecture with pictures; saw the strong emphasis on achieving your childhood dreams! I was actually transported to my childhood, when I suddenly thought, “What were my childhood dreams? Why don’t I put them down”… As I have often said in my blog, have put down whatever I could think of, will keep adding to it…

- To be a Doctor to help poor people and to find medicines or cures for incurable diseases (maybe then to me being a doctor was the most noble profession)

- To keep improving my general knowledge and to win GK quizzes

- To participate in science exhibitions in school and to represent my school

- To become a scientist - to do experiments! (I even bought this Experiment Kit, and my Mom used to get irritated as I dirtied the house with iron filings and tried testing the litmus paper on any thing that I could get hold of)

- To be excellent in hurdles/high jump and to improve my sports skills in general ( I wanted to be good at races and wanted to learn basket ball) I wished I could participate in the Olympics!!!

- To be a part of the Secret Seven or Famous Five – (to set up a club like Secret Seven that solves mysteries) well I did set up a club called Secret Six, though it defintely did not turn out to be as fun as the real one...

- To travel around the world (I was so inspired by Travel around the world in 80 days!!!) (I have managed to travel to the UK, to London, Scotland, Stratford upon Avon and Oxford)

- To read as many story books as possible (especially all the classics)

- To have a personal library with the world’s largest collection of books (and yes of course all my favourite books) (the library should be made in wood – wooden shelves and flooring, a fireplace, a huge cosy arm armchair, thick soft carpets, heavy curtains that keep out all the disturbances away while I am reading my book on my armchair with my cup of hot chocolate!!!

- To have a magical fridge always full of different flavours and varieties of choloates and icecreams

- To go to Disneyland

- To eat all the yummy goodies that the witch feeds kids in Hansel and Gretel (including her house!!!!)

- To watch all my favourite cartoons and to have a collection of them

- To design affordable, yet safe and good homes for the poor

- To create employment opportunities for the poor

- To offer free basic clothing to all poor people, especially kids and women

- To play in snow

- To be transported to a magical world of friendly elves and fairies

- Wished that Pandora had never opened that box...

- To visit Salsburg and Captain Von Trapp's Palatial House and all the places that Maria has travelled to with the kids!!

- To meet Kiran Bedi! - Well that's the one dream that I can say for sure that I have fulfilled! I was invited to attend a conference where she was the key speaker! I must hav been around 18 then...

- To learn classical dance (love Kathak for its swift movements and Bharatnatyam for the expressions and hand/finger movements)

- To learn the play casio and sitar

- To work for United Nations

- To be able to study at any of the world's leading institutes like World Schools or Oxford (and yes to get a scholarship to study at these places)

- to have the entire Barie doll collections

- to have the entire World Book series

- to have a bicycle of my own (This was an other dream that I fulfilled, Dad promised me that he would get a biycycle if I came 1st in class and that was exactly what I did and Dad kept up his promise)

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